Whirlpool, Jacuzzi also called (par excellence) or spa or whirlpool in common parlance, is a baignoireéquipée a forced air injection system and water pressure, more or less complex way , providing a massaging and relaxing effect to the user. This bath can have a system of heating the water filling by electrical resistance, the temperature is controlled electronically. Plus it provides various massages, plus it's largest consumer of water. It conveys an image of luxury, which is especially a commercial argument for hotels that have them, and participated in the decoration of the place where it operates, hence its appeal. It can also be equipped with an audiovisual system, even participating in the image luxury vehicle that the object of relaxation. This type of bath appeared in 1956, invented a pragmatic way by Candido Jacuzzi (in), an Italian who ran an airplane propellers and manufactures hydraulic pumps and who needed a device for care hydrotherapy. This served to start marketing these new whirlpool tubs from Jacuzzi 1968. The name was registered as a trade mark and is often used as a common name, especially in France. often found now in many swimming pools and water parks to complement the traditional baths or water slides. The water is often warm, around 30 °, even more than warm water pools a water park, ideal for relaxation and relaxation.